These sites are going around jControl, which is a small midi controler software. In the beginnig I developed it just for myself, but now I'd like to share it with others, because jControl made my stage live so much easier.

jControl is for keyboardists, who allready own one or more midikeyboards and now want some good masterkeyboard functions, especially in live situations. jControl requires a computer on stage or in your rehearsal room, which likely is to be a laptop.

When I started developing jControl, one of the most important things I wanted to realize was that the programm had to offer very quickly handling ecpecially in live situations. Previously edited midiconnections between and sounds of a likely number of keyboard(-zone)s and tone devices should be choosed just by pressing one button. Thereby jControl's structure is similar to the structure of common music pieces and therewith to the thinking of musicians: the keyboardist on stage just chooses between so named parts, which means verses, refrains, bridges and so on.

jControl runs stable and without recognizable latences, even on my old Toshiba laptop (build 2002). I'm very interested about feedback about that.

I don't give any guaranty for the proper function of the programm, neither I can carry any responsibility for eventually damages that occure by using the program. So if you download and use jcontrol, you do this at your own risk. Anyway, you are allowed to send me bug reports. Also, if someone has hints to improve my english, this will be welcome. Copying and relaying the current version of the program is explicitly wanted and wished. If you like jControl and own a website, I would be happy about a link to this website or better to http://www.sgrafics.de because that is where I earn my money.

Now, have fun with jControl:

jControl Download

Martin Suhr, November 2010